Past Events

It was a Members Participatory Event with a new theme

January 1, 1970

Super Chef, Asha Khatau, spoke about Healthy yet Delicious Cooking at the beginning of this event. Asha Khatau is very well-known in the field of gourmet vegetarian cooking. Her cooking classes, Epicure, are extremely successful. She is also famous for her very popular cookbooks.

Marco Polo described it as “the finest island of its size in the world”

January 1, 1970

Sri Lanka is a tourist's paradise. Wonderful pristine beaches, lush-green hills, wild life, heritage sites, exotic cuisine - Sri Lanka has everything. Travelling to Sri Lanka was a wonderful opportunity to relax, unwind and see nature at its best. We could however only have a glimpse of the country in our 5 night/6 day trip.

A session with Roma Bhagat (Founder)

October 7, 1966

Roma Bhagat and Others at Charity Show

November 7, 1966

An evening with Padmaja Naidu

May 7, 1967

Trade mark hair style

January 5, 1968

Abdul Ghani Khan in the house

May 10, 1968

A session with Gen Manekshaw

June 24, 1968

A meaningful discussion with Indira Gandhi

September 28, 1968

In conversation with Rajmohan Gandhi

November 23, 1968

Sheikh Abdullah in the house

March 4, 1969

In a group in the 60s

June 24, 1969